Why SEO is important for business – Basics of SEO that applies to different digital channels

This is the first time I am talking about SEO on my blog Digital Sagar. Even though SEO is most often talked either in agencies or in selecting digital careers but in reality it is often ignored by businesses. So this post is for every business especially small businesses to know what is SEO and why SEO is important for business.

What is SEO?

Before jumping to full form or talking about why SEO is important for business, it is important to know what is SEO. Any platform online be it search engine or social media have algorithms that helps user rank or improve visibility by just organic means. By organic I mean non paid. So is SEO. The term is inspired from search engine but it is not just limited to it.

  • SEO is known as search engine optimization.
  • Any platform which is algorithm based have few factors as checklist which basis that checklist give more value to one competitor over other.
  • Let’s consider two brands A & B. They are competing to rank on algorithm C. So whosoever checks the maximum pointers on checklist will rank first.
  • Now this term(SEO) is used for Google and mostly restricted to search engine. But as mentioned earlier all algorithms on web have their own checklist so SEO applies to all the algorithm. One needs to follow checklist to rank well

Whenever I work with clients, I realize even though we have named everything different for each platform it will still be called as SEO. So, writing this post “Why SEO is important for business” to educate basics of SEO that applies to different digital channels